Stephanie Foltz Photography

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A little Bit About Me...

I am Stephanie, an Alumni of Tyler School of Art. I graduated  with a BFA in Photography, having studied under some very talented artists such as Rebecca Michaels, Alternative Process Artist and Photographer Martha Madigan, celebrity photographer Michael Lewis web designer Beth Blinebury and Italian print maker, Mario Teleri Biason.  

I was given the opportunity to Study abroad in Italy for a semester in 2011, experiencing the culture and art first hand, while learning the Italian language. Being able to see amazing works by Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Caravaggio to name a few. I was able to photograph and learn my trade in a completely different country, which is the best way to learn and create; submerse yourself in it and get lost. (You can see some of my travel photography in the Gallery Section)

Besides being a photographer I also restore and fix old photographs. Whether they are black & white or color images, have tears, creases, missing pieces, I can fix them. It's something that I have always found fun to do, to completely restore something without changing the original integrity and spirit of an image. (Please visit the Restoration page to see some of the most recently fixed images.)

Currently I am working as a product photographer.