Stephanie Foltz Photography

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Pricing & Services

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Portraiture and Photo Restoration


Photo Restorations

$20 per hour/ starting price

    -The more serious the restoration the more time it will take to complete.

How it works:

1.) Contact me via the Contact Form and tell me a bit about your image and what you would like to have done.

2.) I will reply as soon as I can.

3.) I will ask for a high resolution scan of your photograph with a resolution of 300dpi or greater. (All scanners usually have an option to choose the resolution of the scan.)

4.) Once I am able to see the image, I will email you an appraisal based on the extent of the damage to the photograph and how long it would take for me to complete the restoration.

5.) Once I hear back from you about my estimate, I can then get started on the image. The image will be email right back to you when it's been completed.

6.) Payment for services is through Paypal. An invoice will be emailed to you upon my completion of the restoration. 

7.) If you would like prints of your finished restoration this will be added onto the cost of the restoration. 


Prints and digital copies of your newly restored images are also available:

    1- 4x6 = $2.00

    1 -  5x7 = $3.00

    1 - 8x10 = $4.00

   ***Larger prints can be requested.

***Prices cover the cost of the paper and the ink

***NOTE:  I am only able to scan photographs that are no larger than 8.5" x 11.7"


Head Shots

               - 2 poses

               - $100

Session Packages


- Single Portraits - 15 prints to choose from

                         - 3 poses 

                         - choice of backdrop or location

                         - $400

- Couple Portraits - 20 prints to choose from

                          - 6 poses

                          - $700

- Family Portraits - 15 to 20 prints to choose from 

                          - 1 group shot

                          - 2 different poses

                          - location or backdrop

                          - $400

- Family Portraits - 20 to 30 prints to choose from

                          - individual child and/or adult portraits

                          - 1 group shot

                          - starting at $800 

         *** Contact for a quote for more than 4 people


***Editing cost and time have already been added to the Session costs. Any additional editing/special requests besides the included editing charge, will be $10 extra an image.


***Choice of grey, black, outdoors or environmental, etc. for any portrait

Print Packages


*Package #1 - $30.00

  2- 4x6

  2 - 5x7s

  2 - 8x10s

  Digital Copies - jpg

*Package # 2 - $45.00

  4 - 4x6s

  4 - 5x7s

  3 - 8x10s 

  Digital Copies - jpg

*Package #3 - $35.00

  4 - 5x7s

  4 - 8x10s

  Digital Copies - jpg

*Package #4  - $20.00

 4 - 8x10s

****Print Packages are in addition to the session packages. Choose your session package and then pick a print package.


 ****Custom packages can be arranged.